How Can You Remove that Nail Polish Stain From a Grament?

Removing a Nail Polish Stain

If your cotton garment has experienced a nail polish stain, with a little, know how you can restore it. It is possible to remove nail polish stains from any fabric without harming the color and texture. Nail polish is a synthetic polymer. You can remove it with the application of a chemical solution on the affected material. For this, you’ll need to follow some sequential instruction remove the nail polish stains. Before starting up with the process, collect the required items. These elements are listed below.

·       Paper Towel

·       Sponge

·       Acetone Nail Polish Remover

·       Nail File

·       White cloth

·       Fabric Stain Remover

·       Laundry Detergent

·       Nail Polish Stain Removing Made Easy

Check Your Fabric For Color Fading

Take paper towel and blot as much nail polish liquid as you can from the upper layer of the fabric. Blotting is necessary, so the nail polish liquid does not spread to other areas while cleaning. If the nail polish is dry, try to remove the hard layer with the help of nail file. Take a clean sponge wet it in acetone nail polish remover. Take up a patch test by applying in the hidden piece of your same fabric. If by doing so, the color of the fabric fades then it is not possible to remove nail polish from the garment.

Remove The Nail Polish

If color fading is not a problem, then put a white cloth beneath the nail polish stained fabric. Then rub that dampened sponge on the nail polish stain gently in a circular motion. Apply stain remover to the fabric on both sides of the area affected by the stain. Repeat this step 3-4 times until the stain is completely gone. Then you can wash the garment with the help of laundry detergent and warm water.

Seek Professional Help

If the following this process does not remove the stain, it’s time to seek the help of our professional fabric cleaning experts who will remediate your problem with latest fabric cleaning techniques and equipment.